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Track Record

CRC have built an excellent track record whilst working on several major wind farm projects.
Our wind farm support vessels are provided with a current IMCA MISW inspection certificate, CRC are also experienced in successfully and quickly facilitating project specific 'in-surveys' which, if handled poorly could cause delays to the project, ultimately resulting in a financial implications for the project.

London Array Wind Farm Boats

Commercial Rib Charter were contracted for over a year on the London Array Wind farm providing Guard Boats, cable pull-in assistance and inshore crew transfers as well as floating pontoons.

"I felt it appropriate to formally thank your company for the inshore support provided throughout a particularly challenging project. Commercial Rib Charter remained versatile and professional to ensure a safe and timely execution. The vessels supplied by your company were always of a very high standard and never failed to meet our clients expectations and audit requirements. The same can also be said of the personnel involved with CRC, who always acted safely and were willing to go above and beyond their duties to assist. On behalf of the whole project team I would like to thank CRC."

Rampion Wind Farm Boats

Having provided inshore shallow draft survey boats for the planning stage of the Rampion wind farm, CRC are now providing options for an inshore crew transfer project.

Race Bank Wind Farm Boats

In 2015 CRC provided shallow draft survey cabin Ribs to survey within The Wash prior to HDD works. The scope of works was extended several times once our client understood our capabilities. We were on-site for several weeks with different vessels to suit client requirements. Following the surveys we also provided our Dive Support Boat and safety boat to facilitate disposal of UXO.

Barrow Wind Farm Vessels

Our vessels have been mobilised to Barrow at a surprisingly low cost to work on both phase 1 and 2 of the wind farms. Our Dive Support boat has proven to be a huge success working from a mother ship during diving operations.

Hornsea 1 Offshore Wind Farm Boats

CRC are supplying Crew Transfer and Survey services to our client during the construction phase of the Hornsea 1 Offshore Windfarm Project

Talk to us
Do you have a commercial or industrial Rib requirement? We operate across all major European ports. Call us now on 01590 607103 or for 24h support call 07979 533722.

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