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Wide Range of Boats Suitable for Surveying

Commercial Rib Charter operates a range of boats suitable for survey. Our fleet comprises boats from 2.8m in length to 15m, able to survey areas ranging from streams, rivers, canals, lakes, and reservoirs right up to 150nm offshore.

Wide Range of Surveys

We have provided survey boats to companies covering a range of civil engineering surveys including; structural, bridge, bank, building, pier, weir and locks. Environmental surveys conducted include; intertidal, benthic, pelagic, ecological, flora, mammalian populations, bird populations, hydrographic, biological monitoring programs, environmental impact assessments, and conservation assessments for regulatory approval and for construction projects.

Specialist Survey Boat Configuration

Our smallest survey boats are open boats suitable for lakes, canals and rivers. As we progress up the fleet, our smallest cabin survey Rib draws only 75cm but provides shelter for data collection and analysis equipment. Our largest survey boats are water-jet powered cabin Ribs which still draw less than a metre. They are configurable to provide a full size chart table and 3m long instrument work bench with a ‘clean’ 240v pure sine wave power system and may also be fitted with a winch and crane suitable for deploying and recovering survey equipment.

Underwater Survey

We operate a purpose built Dive Support Vessel with 3 diver spread, fully IMCA compliant for underwater survey where divers are required. The systems include video and comms.

Aerial Survey

Our survey boats are also used to launch and recover drones suitable for aerial surveys to include mapping, HD photography, filming, infrared survey etc. Applications also include inspection of structures and surveys of cliffs for geological or ornithological examination with no disturbance to the cliff and flora, and only minor noise disturbance to fauna.

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