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Patrol Boat Services

Commercial Rib Charter have a wide range of vessels suitable for patrol boat work. All of our Ribs are fast, many with a maximum speed over 40 knots and a cruising speed of 25 to 30 knots. Our open Ribs which are either 7.8m or 8.8m in length are suitable for daylight hours patrol and at night within 3 miles of a safe haven. Fitted with chart plotters, fixed VHF and depth sounder as standard, they may also be fitted with ‘Class 1’ Blue strobe lights if required. Our cabin Ribs have a full patrol boat fit out including siren, loudhailer and searchlight and are suitable for round the clock operations up to 150nm offshore.

Patrol Boat Crewing Options

All of our patrol boats are available either skippered or bareboat. If the boats are required bareboat, please contact us to discuss the qualifications your crew will need for the intended area of operation. We are able to help with any training requirements. If you need a crewed boat, we provide crew anywhere in the UK and Europe around the clock. Patrol boat services outside of Europe are available using standard containerised shipping; please ask for details.

Long Duration Patrol

Where a patrol boat is required to provide patrol services 24 hours a day over a period of several days, we use our 15m cabin Rib fitted with berths as well as heads with thermostatic power shower and a fully equipped galley. With long range fuel tanks and large water tanks, the boat is ideal for operating long patrols before requiring rotation.

Talk to us
Do you have a commercial or industrial Rib requirement? We operate across all major European ports. Call us now on 01590 607103 or for 24h support call 07979 533722.

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