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Guard Services for Commercial Operators

CRC specialise in providing guard boat services to commercial operators working inshore and offshore. CRC are expert at politely and efficiently guiding pleasure craft users to safer waters. With a large fleet of Cabin Ribs and Catamarans and highly experienced crews, we are able to deploy several boats on bigger projects if required.

The Right Boats for the Job

We are keen to assist in determining the safety management system for the project in hand. We have operated several configurations of guard boat safety plans, varying the type and number of boats to best suit the circumstances and keep to budget. On inshore projects we can offer boats as small as 7m increasing in size to 15m Cabin Ribs. One of the most important factors of a quality guard boat service is the crew. CRC continually develop crew qualifications and experience and strive to ensure our clients get an uninterrupted service.

VIP and High Profile 

CRC are experienced in providing Ribs for high profile groups and individuals, from celebrities to politicians. Our boats are available in full security livery and can easily be adapted to house specialist  equipment including tracking and monitoring frameworks or threat detection systems. 
If a more subtle approach is what you are after, all our vessels are available in a more inconspicuous form without any livery branding, allowing the user to blend in to the background unnoticed. 

Other Guard Duties

We are also experienced at providing guard boats for protection of ships particularly when bunkering. We have worked with different agencies both governmental and civilian who provide personnel with specialist maritime security training when required. We also offer guard boat services to provide a deterrent effect and to prevent unauthorised entry into boat shows, venues and other special events.

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Talk to us
Do you have a commercial or industrial Rib requirement? We operate across all major European ports. Call us now on 01590 607103 or for 24h support call 07979 533722.

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