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Operating Boats in the Sensitive Inshore Environment

We understand the nature of the inshore environment and we are used to operating our commercial craft in rivers, harbours, estuaries and inshore areas where there are particular environmental sensitivities as well as high volumes of leisure traffic.

Cable Laying Support Vessels Suitable for Inshore

We have a wide range of cable laying support vessels suitable for working within the confines of rivers, harbours estuaries and inshore areas. Even our 15m Cabin Ribs are powered by water jets allowing them to operate in shallow water and yet still capable of carrying 12 passengers and 2 crew.

Shallow Draft Vessels

Most inshore projects require shallow draft vessels. The whole CRC fleet are shallow draft and those with jet drives are suitable for ultra shallow inshore operation. We have worked with several firms to provide support boats for cable pull-in and general inshore work.

Observing Regulations

We make sure that our crews observe all of the formalities of working within harbours, waters under the control of harbour authorities and inshore areas with significant volumes of leisure traffic. We understand that courteous and correct behaviour reflects well on the client and overall project.

Talk to us
Do you have a commercial or industrial Rib requirement? We operate across all major European ports. Call us now on 01590 607103 or for 24h support call 07979 533722.

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