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Keeping Cable Lays Safe

Commercial marine operations undertaken in inshore waters face the risk of interference from leisure yachting and powered leisure craft. Leisure boats often (if left unchecked) sail in close proximity to working ships, cable-layers and dredgers completely unaware of the risk of cable or chain strike. Commercial Rib Charter has significant experience in providing effective guard boat patrol services to safeguard against disruption and danger.

The Right Patrol Boats for the Job

Usually we operate at least one cabin Rib giving 24 hour support in a vessel properly marked as a patrol boat and equipped with blue lights, siren and loudhailer. We augment this ‘command ship’ with fast open-Ribs during daylight hours according to the risk profile of the operating area. Our cabin Ribs are equipped with radar and class 'A' AIS.

The Right Crew for the Job

Our particular expertise is having the right crew to do the job effectively without causing problems. We are courteous and helpful in ensuring that boats are guided safely and quickly away from the danger zone. Boats feel that they have been well handled and as a result we receive great feedback from operators, harbour authorities, the coast guard and the leisure traffic itself.

Talk to us
Do you have a commercial or industrial Rib requirement? We operate across all major European ports. Call us now on 01590 607103 or for 24h support call 07979 533722.

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