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9m Ribcraft Offshore Cabin Ribs

Hercules’ and ‘Argosy’ are 9m Ribcraft Offshore cabin Rib boats powered by twin Suzuki 250hp four stroke outboards. They have heated cabins, shock absorbing seats, crew doors fore and aft and a large clear aft deck. They are coded to MCA category 2 – up to 60 miles offshore for 8 people. The heavily built hulls and large diameter double weight tubes make them formidable sea boats.

9.5m Delta Cabin Rib

Comet’ is a 9.5m Delta cabin Rib powered by twin Suzuki 140hp four stroke outboards. Heated cabin, shock absorbing seats and large clear fore and aft decks. She is coded to MCA category 2 – up to 60 miles offshore for 8 people. Fitted out to 'Safety Boat' Specification, she comes as standard with Defibrillator, Stretcher and MOB Recovery Davit.

11m Ribcraft Offshore Cabin Ribs

'Atlas' is an 11m Ribcraft Offshore cabin Rib powered by twin Suzuki 300hp lean burn engines. Heated cabin and suspension seating mirror the same comforts as our 9m Ribcrafts. Built to Ribcraft offshore standards, she is a heavy seaworthy boat. Her purpose built 'Push on Bow' makes her a very capable inshore Crew Transfer Vessel. MCA coded to category 2 (up to 60 miles offshore) for 12 people.

12m Delta Dive Support Cabin Rib

'Tempest' is a purpose built dive support cabin Rib. She is fitted with a 3 man dive spread with full comms/video and HD recording. Propulsion is Yanmar diesels coupled with Hamilton Jets. The vessel is fully IMCA compliant and MCA coded to category 2 for 12 people plus 2 crew.

15m Ribcraft Offshore Cabin Rib

‘Galaxy’ is a 15m Ribcraft Offshore cabin Rib, powered by twin diesel 440hp Volvos with Hamilton Jet drives. She is equipped with touch screen electronics and joystick control for easy manoeuvring. She has a heated cabin with German ‘Aventi’ suspension seats for 12 passengers plus 2 crew, access doors fore and aft, large aft deck and a bow snubber for transferring crews over the bow. The cabin has heads, shower, galley, drying zone, and matrix system to allow installation of bunks, work benches and instrumentation. Coded to MCA category 1 - up to 150 miles offshore for 14 people.

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