Cabin Rib 'Galaxy' in transit

Winter Refits – Well Underway!

Winter is well and truly here! 

CRC Have had a spectacularly busy summer season this year with Ribs being mobilised across the UK and Europe on all sorts of different jobs.

However, now the winter is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner, we see the boats returning back to base ready for their annual refits. 

Rib on HIAB

Refits and servicing are a majorly important part of the CRC winter schedule.  Keeping the boats in top condition gives reassurance and peace of mind to both us and our clients. Over the coming months, all the boats will be stripped, deep cleaned and polished. All of the safety equipment will be removed re-certified and replaced where necessary. 

Believe it or not each boat has well over 30 items on board that have annual inspections, including but not limited to;

Life Rafts | Life Jackets | Flares | Lifting Strops | Fire Extinguishers | Radio Certificates | MCA Certificates | MOB Recovery Cradles | Davits | PLA Coding | Police Boat Coding | 

The list goes on, and with over 26 vessels on the fleet there is a lot to keep track of.  Its for this reason that CRC implement a sophisticated Planned Maintenance System (PMS) to ensure that a service date is never missed on either the engines or safety equipment.