Guard boat on patrol

Why are Guard Boats so Important?

With an ever increasing focus on ‘green energy’ in today’s society, the offshore renewable industry is going from strength to strength.  But why does this involve Guard Boats and specifically, why Commercial Rib Charter

When Offshore Wind Farms are constructed, there will usually be exclusion zones enforced around the offshore structures and the installation vessels involved.  Although details about these exclusion zones will be published in a local Notice to Mariners bulletin, not every water user will read or obey the enforcement. It’s for their safety that Guard Boats are a must on any phase of the project. Guard boat on patrolTraditionally around the Wind Farm itself, there will be 2 – 4 large Guard Boats operating over a period of days without returning to port, however, one of the most dangerous areas of Wind Farm construction is in the near shore waters.

It’s here that the enormous high voltage cables come ashore, usually installed by a wealth of barges, tugs and specialist cable laying ships weighing in at over 12,500 tonnes.  With all this activity and heavy machinery so close in to the shore, there are bound to be curious sailors, kite surfers and even swimmers coming to have a look. Unaware of the dangers that come with this sort of work, an unassuming individual could find themselves in some serious trouble. Guard boatA key aspect when constructing large wind farms is ensuring that the local community are happy and on board with the project, which sometimes may not be the case. This is where CRC come in. With over 10 years experience providing Guard Boats to some of Europe’s largest Wind Farms, we are able to offer a courteous and friendly service, keeping local water users on-side and safe.


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