The Rib Fleet

Which Rib is best?……………

Commercial Rib Charter started in 2001 with a single small Ribcraft 7.8 Open Rib .  Since then the company has grown and now boasts a fleet of over 25 vessels.

We are frequently asked ‘Which Rib is best?’.  This isn’t really an easy question to answer as there are so many Ribs on the market all aimed and built for different users and markets.

Over the years we have owned or trialled almost every brand so we do think we have a reasonable view on which Ribs work, and which don’t.

For our own use we need rugged, strong vessels that are built to last and withstand some relatively hard use.  We also require versatility from the builder enabling us to choose layouts and specifications to suit our different requirements.

Vessels range in size and style from slender sporty looking craft with large sun bathing areas and built in BBQ’s, to large, wide, agricultural looking Crew Transfer Ribs.

The original vessel we took delivery of was a Ribcraft, and 18 years on we are still using them.  Ribcraft Ribs are built in Yeovil in a purpose built factory.  They will essentially build whatever you want to your specification.

Ribcraft build for both the leisure industry and commercial applications with boats ranging in size from 3.5 meters to 12.5 meters.

The Commercial Rib fleet now consists of most sizes of Ribcraft and some have wheelhouses.  In recent years CRC decided that the largest vessel Ribcraft offered at 12.5m was too small. 

This was a bit of an issue as CRC were absolutely wedded to the Ribcraft build quality and design and very reluctant to start experimenting with other manufacturers.

Luckily, Ribcraft took this in their stride and designed a hull 15 meters long.  CRC were able to specify every requirement of the vessel and this was all rolled into the design.

Ribcraft moulded the first hull, due to its overall size it was decided to use a contractor to fit the vessel out.  This was a difficult decision as we had to ensure that both CRC and Ribcraft would be happy with the quality of the fit out work. We visited numerous firms in the industry and it was eventually decided to commission Goodchild Marine of Great Yarmouth.  Goodchild specialise in the build and fit out of commercial vessels and it quickly became obvious they had the right team and facilities to do the job.

From inception to delivery the project was nearly two years but the end result has been well worth waiting for.  CRC Galaxy was delivered in 2015 and since then it’s sister ship has also been delivered, albeit with a slight twist of being built in aluminium rather than GRP.

Our advice to anyone buying a Rib, no matter what the use is for, how big or small would be to do your research.  See what others are using, visit forums and get opinions from other users and make the effort to test them out in various sea states.