Police Rib

‘Seafire’ SOLAS Fast Response RIB

It doesn’t take much to work out who has chartered ‘Seafire‘ this week

Usually more ‘at home’ on the aft deck of a Super Yacht CRC’s ‘Seafire’ will be putting the Hampshire Police through their paces on a fast jet-boat training course.

Part of the police training will include shallow water operations as well as high speed handling.  Because of her jet drive, ‘Seafire’ has an amazingly shallow draught of just 670 mm making her the perfect tool for this sort of work.

Thanks to her SOLAS Coding, ‘Seafire’ not only makes a great training boat, but she also makes a superb Luxury Super Yacht Tender. Coded for six people she would look just as good in the Mediterranean shuttling VIPs to and from shore as she does here on the Solent in her new police livery. 

Seafire Rib

Available to charter immediately for:

  • Super Yacht Tender Hire
  • SOLAS Approved Rib Charter
  • Jet Boat Training
  • Shallow Draft Crew Transfer Boat
  • SOLAS Rescue Boat Hire 

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