Safety Cabin Rib

Safety Boat

Frequently in the marine industry, when you think of Safety Boat Services, you tend to think of open RIBs which are given the task of ensuring the safety and well being of dinghy sailors competing at sailing events across the UK and Europe or even on the world stage at events like the Olympics. All of which Commercial Rib Charter have worked on in the past! The London 2012 Olympics saw CRC mobilise a fleet of over 60 Ribs to Weymouth to provide boats for; security, media and of course safety.

Commercial Rib Charter have been providing Safety Boats for a number of different marine civil projects around the UK.

As an island nation Great Britain boast a long-established and distinguished maritime industry, this is as true today as it has ever been.

With a growth in global trade for import and export along with more and more people taking to the seas for their holidays and travels, the demand for UK ports and marinas to accommodate more boats and larger ships is growing exponentially. With this sudden demand for more berths, larger quay sides and better infrastructures, UK ports and marinas are rushing to redevelop to meet these demands.

It’s here where Commercial Rib Charter can offer their services. Using the recent Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) project as an example, CRC were able to provide a highly equipped purpose built cabin Rib ‘Safety Boat’. Projects like DWDR will often have over a hundred construction workers on site at any one time, a great percentage of whom are working on the quayside or from other work boats. Having a dedicated fast response vessel onsite like CRC Comet will not only ensure the safety of everyone working on, near or around water, but it also alleviates additional pressure put on the local Search and Rescue services like the Coastguard and RNLI should there be an incident.

But what about the future? What happens when all the re-gen projects are complete, is there still going to be much work in the civil sector? The simple answer is yes, but somewhat controversially. Every day we are being made more aware of climate change and the risks we are facing. The threat of rising sea levels and more extreme weather is putting  more and more pressure on local councils around the UKs coast to improve existing sea defenses as well as constructing new ones. Similar to the DWDR project, any sea defense construction will involve a number of different work boats from multicat crane barges, manned by an army of marine civil engineers often working 24hrs a day, all these workers will need some form of safety support boat – Time to call CRC!