CRC's New 15m Cabin Rib - GALAXY

New 15m Cabin Rib: GALAXY

Project Galaxy will be delivered mid June 2015 expanding the range and capabilities of Commercial Rib Charter’s fleet of workboats, safety boats, survey and crew transfer vessels.

Galaxy: Specification

The 15m Cabin Rib will be capable of carrying 12 passengers plus 3 crew in safety and comfort.  A state-of-the-art navigation suite including Vessel Monitoring Systems and Forward Looking Infra-Red Displays, spacious passenger accommodation with heated, air-driven suspension seating and full welfare facilities normally reserved for larger vessels mean operators now have the benefits of a highly capable vessel but with the unrivalled cost efficiency of a modern Rib.

Galaxy: Hamilton Jet – Blue Arrow Jet Control

Installation of the latest Hamilton Jet Drive systems allow the craft to operate in extremely shallow waters whilst also being able to cover great distances at speed and maximum fuel efficiency.  Custom designed Over-the-Bow crew transfer apparatus and Hamilton’s Blue Arrow Water Jet Control System deliver exceptional vessel manoeuvring capability ensuring vital safety standards are maintained when transferring passengers at sea.

Full Details and Specification is being released to customers on request.

To find out more and speak to the team: Call 01590 607103 or email

Build progress, specification and launch updates can be followed on twitter @commercialribs and

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