Rib training thoery

Knowledge Is Power

Getting the Knowledge 

We believe that no matter what your role is within Commercial Rib Charter, it’s hugely important to understand the sector you operate in.  

Recently Christian from our marketing team, who usually spends very little time out on the water spent a week on a powerboating course followed by a further week studying for his RYA Yachtmaster exam.

Passing these two courses has given Christian a better understanding of what our boats are capable of and has shown him, in a practical sense, the unique selling points of Commercial Rib Charter’s fleet. A valuable understanding to have no matter what department you’re working in.

Christian says “based on my experience over the two weeks of training, I’ve gained a far better understanding of the capabilities of the CRC Fleet, the different types of vessel we have, and the different type of work that each vessel may be better suited for, making my work in the office much more relevant!”