Engine Change

Here at Commercial Rib Charter, we pride ourselves in providing the best vessels within the industry.

It’s with this in mind that CRC have to ensure that all the Ribs are in top condition before starting on a project.

Each winter period, all the CRC vessels undergo annual refits and full systems checks, anything that isn’t quite up to standard is replaced and renewed.

This year 6 of the Open RIB fleet are due for new engines, generally speaking CRC change the outboard engines every 1000hrs.

By changing them on this interval, we can always be assured that they will perform faultlessly and remain reliable for us and our clients.

Our experienced maintenance team have got engine changes down to a fine art. During the winter refits and with no real time constraints, engine changes are done at a more leisurely pace with the finer details covered; transoms are polished, brace plates are removed and re-fitted. However, during the height of the season and if needed, the team are capable of switching out an entire engine, steering system and wiring loom within an hour keeping any ‘unserviceable’ time to an absolute minimum

During their lifetime with CRC our Suzuki outboards are serviced every 100 hours as recommended by the manufacturer

CRCs 1000hr engine service facts:

  • 10 Full Services, 3 each year
  • 60 Spark Plugs
  • 60 Litres of engine oil
  • 20 Litres of gearbox oil