Offshore dive support boat

Diver Down!

Offshore Dive Support – CRC Tempest. 

Last month our Scuba Replacement Daughter Craft CRC Tempest was mobilised to Liverpool docks where she was met by her newly adopted mother-ship the Vos Star, as dive support boat. Once loaded onto the deck of the ship, the pair were bound for a remote offshore installation approximately 30 miles North of Liverpool.

With her on-board surface supply dive gear all rigged up and ready to go and the divers briefing complete, CRC Tempest was transferred in to the water for her first dive of the project. 

Tempest was specifically chosen as the dive support boat for this project for a number of different reasons;

  • Rapid Mobilisation 
  • Low Cost Alternative 
  • Daughter Craft Capabilities
  • Manoeuvrability 
  • Minimal Size and Low Air Draft 

With the low air draft in mind, one of the crew’s first challenges was to creep in underneath a large overhead gantry. This was no easy task. With less than 40cm clearance above her ‘A-Frame’ one badly timed wave could have caused some big problems. Thankfully the Crew on-board Tempest were highly qualified and very skilled and managed to get her in to position time after time for every phase of the job.

Offshore diver support

Our specifically designed Dive Support RIB CRC Tempest is available for charter, for more information call us on 01590 607103 or visit our website here.