Charity life raft challenge

A Successful Challenge

At 17:00 on Thursday 12th October we saw our operations team, Rob, Bruce, Chris and Troy embark on a daunting 24 hour physical and mental liferaft challenge in aid of RNLI- Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Our crew boarded the liferaft and initially found it all very exciting and surprisingly spacious during their first few hours. They had a brief visit with a local swan who was keen to join them on their challenge. Hampshire Fire and Rescue also popped by to show their support and create some more realistic conditions for them on board.

Liferaft challenge

However this only lasted a few hours. Once darkness set in and the temperature dropped. You can imagine the novelty wore off quickly and reality kicked in as each minute on board felt more like an hour and the liferaft soon felt a lot smaller than it once had.

This was when things began to hit home. Whilst our crew knew their time on board would soon be over it was hard for them not to think that had this have been a real life situation and what it would be like to have no end in sight and spend every long moment at sea waiting for help to arrive. It certainly gets you thinking and makes one appreciate the work and importance of RNLI for always being on call to help those in need at sea.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a very well done to our operations team for taking on this challenge and a big thank you to Universal Safety for supplying the lifecraft, Lymington Yacht Haven Marina and to all of our sponsors who kindly donated to such an important Charity.

Liferaft Challenge in Lymington Marina