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Invaluable Relationships

Over the past decade of operating as the biggest commercial rib operator in Europe, CRC have built up some invaluable relationships with various haulage firms across the UK and northern Europe.

In order for CRC to offer such rapid mobilisation of our larger craft, these relationships are key. It’s not only the transport and haulage, but also the marinas and vessel hoists alike.

Invariably when sending vessels to new mobilisation sites, a team member from CRC will have done a visit prior to mobilisation, it’s during this recce that the local marinas and amenities can be scoped out to ensure access for an articulated lorry is possible.

Rapid Mobilisation 

Being based on the south coast of the UK we are within very easy reach of the northern European coast line without the need for road transportation, as our vessels are more than capable of making the crossing in good conditions. There will of course always be times where the weather is not favourable to complete a cross channel transit. It’s where these long established relationships come in to their own. 

However, for destinations further afield like the south of France or the Scandinavian countries, road transportation is often the most logical, fastest and most cost effective solution.

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