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We have a team of over 100 people who make it possible for us to deliver our services to a standard our clients are both used to and expect.  The face of our team are mostly seen as our vessel crews but hiding in the background at our HQ are a group of focused individuals all playing their part to keep the wheels turnin'................or propellers in our case!.

As much as we try to, the office based team cannot always get to meet our clients in person, however, we ensure we have good and strong communication throughout each and every project.  We believe communication is one of the most important aspects of keeping our clients happy, they need to know what's going on and when, regularly .

We thought you might like to know a little more about the people behind the scenes at CRC HQ, let us introduce you to a handful of the team.

Stuart Hedges
Stuart Hedges - Director

Stuart is one of two Commercial Rib Charter directors and spends a lot of his time liaising with our clients and looking at new projects. In the rest of his time he mostly worries about ensuring our vessels and crews are in nothing but 100% perfect order.

Richard Ward
Richard Ward - Director

Richard is the second director. He spends his time counting and ensuring the numbers side of the business works efficiently. The rest of the team at CRC are unsure who has the worst case of OCD, Richard or Stuart?

Rob Merrix
Rob Merrix - Commercial Manager

Rob works alongside Stuart ensuring our project managers and crews are all properly briefed, not only ensuring clients are happy but also the vessel crews. Rob has been with CRC since 2010, originally starting as a vessel skipper, he has morphed very well into an office bod!

Jack Weller
Jack Weller - Operations Manager

Jack is a ‘Jack of all trades’. He is expert at ‘getting stuff done’ and can turn his hand to most problems and get them solved. Jack is our operations manager and keeps his team focused on maintaining all vessels.

Hannah Taylor
Hannah Taylor - Office Manager

Hannah is involved in everything and has been with the company for many years, Hannah is immensely efficient and if she doesn’t find you as efficient you know about it quite quickly!

Adam Barker
Adam Barker - Project Manager

Adam has been working on and off with CRC since he was 16. After gaining a Master 200 qualification he turned to skippering large vessels offshore before returning to CRC. He now runs our Safety Management System and crew bookings amongst other jobs.

Christian Grose
Christian Grose - Digital Manager

Christian is our in-house tech guru. The majority of his day is spent surrounded by computers and tablets, he's responsible for the smooth running of our websites, social media sites and a host of computer programs. Christian is also a qualified skipper with STCW95 endorsement.

Gemma Hackney
Gemma Hackney - Operations Administrator

Gemma is our expert at administration for our larger projects and ensures that no detail is missed. Like Hannah, efficiency is her expertise.

Chris Horswill
Chris Horswill - Operations Team

Chris is our ‘in-house’ lead skipper and is our main liaison person between the office and crews. He spends most of his time away going between projects, checking on the vessels, crews and clients.

Bruce Collier
Bruce Collier - Operations Team

Bruce is the silent one in the team who is a secret wizard. He knows all of our vessels inside out - although he doesn’t tell anyone that!

Elliot Richman
Elliot Richman - Operations Team

Elliot is our youngest member of the operations team and is learning quickly. He has a training program mapped out for him which he is stomping through at pace.

James McGillivray
James McGillivray - Operations Team

One of CRC's most experienced skippers, James is a qualified MCA Master 500. Much like Chris, he spends most of his time away liaising with clients out on site. 

Tim Carrie
Tim Carrie - Operations Team

Well, what can we say about Tim? MCA Master 200, transatlantic crossings, round the world sailing challenges the list goes on! With such an impressive CV we couldn't really say no when Tim came calling. A genuine Yes Man Tim is always on hand to cater for our clients' requests, what ever it may be!  

Sam Goldfinch
Sam Goldfinch - Operations Team

Sam or Sammy G as he prefers to be called has been working with CRC as one of our regular skippers since 2012. Originally from Kent, Sam is a natural on the water, cutting his teeth on small commercial fishing vessels from a young age. When not skippering for CRC Sam is a regular crew member on board the Ramsgate RNLI Lifeboat.

Dan Ammonds
Dan Ammonds - Pontoon Manager

Dan, Dan the pontoon man! Dan is our very own pontoon specialist. Not only is he handy on site, but in the office he has the ability to mock up digital renderings of intricate installations which enables our customers to get a really good visual idea of what we'll deliver. Dan will also be the chap in charge of pricing up a job no matter how big or small!  

Luke Coxall
Luke Coxall - Pontoon Ops Manager

Working closely with Dan, Luke is our main link between the office and the guys out on site. Luke will arrange load lists, haulage and staffing for all pontoon installations and breakdowns. During our busier periods, it's not uncommon to see Luke out on site getting his hands dirty! 

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